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Take a good, low-dose multi-vitamin (more is not always better). We’re all different; what works for me may not work for you.Again, you should always try to get your vitamins and minerals from a healthy diet but for most of us we’re going to need a multi-vitamin to cover our bases. Many afibbers take a variety of “heart healthy” supplements such as taurine powder like this one: Another popular supplement among afibbers is Co Q10. Two, they are the most pure form as you don’t have a bunch of other ingredients included.Everything I read about it makes sense and it’s not nearly as restrictive as other diets.I’d start with the book, “Enter the Zone: A Dietary Road Map to Lose Weight Permanently.”Finally, the Mediterranean diet is very popular among afibbers.By using a spray you can get a large amount of magnesium without the potential side effects of loose stools and diarrhea.I use Ease because it’s a high quality supplement that absorbs very quickly without leaving a white residue on your skin that is common with other spray products.Afibbers can be especially vulnerable to episodes if they have low potassium levels.

A lot of people cannot tolerate a high intake of oral magnesium supplements as they can have a laxative effect.There are varying opinions on what is the best diet for people with atrial fibrillation but one diet I keep hearing about is the Paleo Diet.I’ve never tried it myself but I’ve heard from afibbers that swear by it.Five, they are usually more readily absorbed than tablets or capsules.8. Simply put, eat more fruits, vegetables, and lean protein.However, if you’re reading this you’re probably looking for specifics.

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